Monday, November 14, 2011

At the Beginning

The Vocation: Motherhood.
I know that my vocation is to be a wife and mother. When God plans on sending me forth along that path, I have no idea. In the meantime, as I try todecipher the current steps of my life, I endeavor to better myself in preparation for the greatest task God will ever entrust to me. This preparation includes new experiences and garnering information and advice regarding the role of a wife and mother. Through observation, in-depth discussion, and hands-on learning, I am striving to learn as much as possible.

The Job: Nanny.
My current position is that of a nanny for a home-schooling family of 6 children. While the mother does stay home, I do most of the schooling. Having been home-schooled myself, I thankfully have a foot in the door rather than floundering in the sea of uncertainty. Nevertheless, home-schooling is not as easy as many may think. Likewise, while I gained much experience dealing with children through my younger siblings and various babysitting positions, I still have a great deal to learn regarding the proper discipline and care of children. Every day I learn something new. Sometimes rewards work. Sometimes threats work best. Sometimes what worked the day before doesn't work the next day. Sometimes the children are just in a bad mood. Sometimes there was too much sugar involved. Sometimes the children are angelic. Sometimes the weather is unpleasant, which affects the mood of the entire household. Sometimes the children are tired. And all the times, the nanny tries to be pleasant yet firm with the oftentimes unruly children. But every second of frustration is completely and totally worth it when you finally succeed and receive the reward of a cheerful, loving and obedient child (even if it's only for a few moments).

The Blog: My Confessions and Observations
At the insistence of a dear friend, and through sheer boredom and the desire for something to stretch my mind, I have determined to catalog my experiences - good and bad - as I strive to fulfill my job to its highest potential. The content will, more than likely, revolve mainly around teaching adventures scattered with numerous disciplinary moments and topped with the rare yet beautiful moments of serenity. It is my hope to neither bore nor intimidate any readers. Rather, I hope that the glimpses into my life will entertain and enlighten y'all. Likewise, do not let the "horror stories" of home-schooling or disciplining children turn anyone away from the idea of raising their own family. The frustrations, disappointments, arguments and discipline are part and parcel of the beautiful and wonderful reward of a loving family. Through prayer and perseverance, trial and error, and enormous amounts of patience, combined with a dash of creativity and humor, the path to a happy family can begin. And so it begins.

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