Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the Midst of It All . . .

Remember all those grueling hours of scrubbing stained carpets and washing dirty footprints?  Or all those sleepless nights pacing back and forth with a wailing infant or sitting up with a sick child?  And what about all those frustrating arguments about schoolwork or homework?  And the countless times you drove from here to there and everywhere for activities and soccer and ballet?  Did you ever stop to wonder why?  Why did you choose one of the most difficult jobs in the universe?  Why did you become a mom?

Seeing as I'm not a mom yet, I'm not sure if that's actually a common-place question or not.  I have discovered, however, a few seemingly small but enormously significant reasons for the answer to that question.  After months of stinky diapers and rotten spit-up, one look at your beautiful baby sleeping peacefully is enough to wipe away all the distasteful memories.  After your nerves have been wrecked by constant bickering between your children, a few moments of quiet as they play pleasantly together reminds you of the true goal.  

As you struggle through the day-to-day hectic activity of raising a family, remember to cherish the small moments.  By building up a great store of the beauty of family, you create innumerable means to help you through the next case of throwing up or temper tantrums.  Good luck and God bless you all!

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